My wife, Pearl, and I were blessed with 58 years of a wonderful friendship and marriage. I cannot find words to express the loneliness experienced since her unexpected death on 27th November 2000.

It was some time after her passing, when I was feeling particularly low at my loss, that my daughter suggested to me that it might help if I were to take up a hobby, possibly art or writing my war memoirs.

Having always been greatly interested in military history, I decided to unearth some of my papers. Very soon, I became quite involved in this project which has resulted in meetings and correspondence with various war museums and has resurrected old contacts and incredible memories, many of which have been quite disturbing. Some are very vividly recalled and others quite vague.

I hope and pray that my children, their children and future generations will never have to experience such events but will not forget what our generation went through to defeat Hitler’s Germany and secure peace in Europe.

Lest we forget…

 Barrington Bezant M.C., M.B.E.

 Mumbles September, 2007


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