Geo the Boxer


Geo the boxer


Another character in Pentrechwyth at this time was Geo Morgan, we gave him the nickname of ‘Scarett’ and if any man deserved a nickname, Geo did and he paid dearly for it, on very many occasions. At this time there was a show-ground on the Strand, and a boxing booth run by the name of ‘Scarett’. There was a big crowd on Friday nights and Saturday nights to see the boxers on parade outside the booth on a raised platform and challenging anyone to stand up for two rounds with out being knocked down. Geo loved this and a few of us would go down to see him perform. The showman would be shouting for challengers to go up to have a go, and if they were not knocked down they would get five shillings. Of course the display would be in a tent with others having a go. We were charged 3d to go in, inside was a proper ring and a man to see fair-play. We were not interested in this business at all, and was always glad to come out of that tent. A few bouts would go on which I am sure was made up to encourage the crowd. After a while our hero Geo would jump into the ring. He had a heart of gold and a ‘Guts of Iron’. They would start sparing and some-times our Geo would give him a proper crack in the jaw we were simply delighted with this, then the bell would go. After a minute or two the bell would go again, and our Geo would be fighting now for his life not to be knocked out of the ring. He would be blood all over his face, and it seemed an hour before the bell rang again with Geo still on his feet, cheered by the whole crowd in the tent. Geo would be taken to the back of the tent washed and patched up by plaster, and brought out by another door given his five bob which he fully earned. Then to Mrs. Summerfield faggot shop for a good feed. He was very generous when he had money and punishment he had to get it, only once did I see that shocking display.

Geo carried on for some time until his face was completely altered.

We lost sight of Geo for a few years. He was doing some work as gardener down in Pennard, and going around selling greens. When he did arrive at Pentrechwyth he had a great welcome. He arrived in a Wagonette hired from Bullin’s livery stable who used to hire these out (with or without a driver). Geo could do the driving as it was cheaper you could hire it for a day or a couple of hours. It was loaded with greens fresh from the garden, and it was not long before Geo sold out after sending some to old people he knew as I said he was very generous.

About 12 months after Geo paid another visit this time with his wagonette filled with bags of cockles which he was selling very cheap. This did not long to clear him out, after sending a bucketful to his friends.

It is about his last visit I want to tell you about. He came up to the ‘Gwindy’ one night, with his wagonette full of boxes of boots. There was a brand of boots called ‘Holdfast’ which were a very good make and were sold for about ten shillings at the time. He was selling them at half price, and he told the people if they wanted to try them on to take the Right shoe off, a few did and were very satisfied with their bargains, some bought two pair he was not long before selling out to people outside as well as in the Pub. He was soon away as he had to be back in Bullin with the horse and wagonette. The following day, everone was looking for Geo, but failed to find him. It transpired that all the boots in boxes were for the right foot, no left, no one to do anything about it. Many years after I saw Geo in Swansea and he told me what happened, he had a job to clear out a wholesale warehouse, and these boots were on shelves, there were hundreds of boxes which he had to remove so he decided to fill the boxes with the boots and sell them, even the Police could do nothing about it, Geo said he never looked to see if they were right or left he was only concerned about the size.

I understand they were made as a sample for the right foot only. Even in this episode he made sure that he did not sell to any-one who would be in hardship over the sale.