Hoax on the Policeman


The Hoax on the Police man


We were very fond of going down to the river in the summer, especially in the August holidays. Most of us were on the point of leaving school at this time between 12 & 13 years old, so we decided on a hoax to have our own back on the Police-man. There was only one for Foxhole and Pentrechwyth at this time; he was very much against us going swimming in the river especially when the tide was going out. He had just cause as there were many drowning fatalities in those days. He would watch us coming out after being in the water for hours, and when we ran for our clothes which were in little heaps on the bank, only a shirt blouse and some pants some-times we used to go down bare-footed. He was always lucky to catch one or two of us, and a couple of stripes with his cane on our backside, would keep us away for a day or two.

We decided to have our own back on him. So we knew the time he paraded up Foxhole and the time when in Foxhole, with a good view of the river. We got some rags, old pieces of fathers shirt and anything we could find to make a little heap similar to our clothes we were wearing, put them in little heaps on the bank of the river, took our own clothes off and put them in a place behind a wall where the policeman could not see them, went in the river to have a swim, he saw us enjoying ourselves on his way up, and expected us there when he came back. But this particular day as soon as he passed up, we got out and dressed ourselves and went down the river a certain distance, up Kilvey Terr and on to Kilvey Hill, where we had a lovely view of the river, we had not been their long before we spotted the Police man coming down the railway line, with his cane ready for us, when he saw the tide now going out fast, and little heaps of rags on the bank. He admitted years up to get a few men to help him to walk up and down the river bank looking for us, they passed our heap of rags a few times but no-one was to touch them without the Police-man’s permission. By this time a few more had gathered on the river side, after counting the heaps over & over, they found that were 8 who must have been in the water, when he passed up on his duty, as he was certain he saw them and that was why he came back from Pentrechwyth down the railway line to catch us, by this time there were a few more policemen and, women and children came down to see what was going on. We got a bit frightened watching all this performance, and decided to go home all taking oaths, we were not in the river that day.

 Unfortunately we were not on the hill when they discovered the rags. Much to the amusement of the crowd and relief for the P.C. who never forgave us.