Foxhole Memories Introduction




William Rees Davies, my grandfather, was born in 1884 and died in 1966. He lived and worked in the Kilvey area of Swansea having inherited the family building and undertaking business from his father, Rees Davies. He was married to Florence Mary Humphries and together they had two daughters and a son, Vernon Rees Davies, who was also to inherit the thriving family business. 

 The stories you find published here were written by my grandfather later in his life. The word stories however does not satisfactorily convey a document which is in turn a historical record, a memoir of a community, a series of personal impressions and a sometimes comic account of people and events in Foxhole, Swansea, a place that no longer exists. Why my grandfather sat down to write about Foxhole or who were his intended readers is not clear, but these are not private or overtly personal memories. The pleasure that our storyteller takes in walking us through the Foxhole community and environment shines through, as he reconstructs a world that was already disappearing within his lifetime. I can imagine he would be delighted that these stories are to be shared with a wider audience.

                                            Helen White and her daughter, Lydia