Other references to the history of Foxhole


Other references to the history of Foxhole


The history of Foxhole has yet to be written. There are only oddments:

  • There is a little in Norman Lewis Thomas's "The Story of Swansea's Districts and Villages" (Revised and Enlarged edition) printed in about 1966, pages 85-88, 98-100.

  • "Saints Alive" written by Robert Ackland, Hilary Boswell and Lillian Alton is a history of All Saints, Kilvey, celebrating its 150th anniversary in 1995.

  • The historian W.C. Rogers left notes which can be consulted at the West Glamorgan Archive Service which tell us, for example, that Pleasant Row in Foxhole, on the lower side of Kilvey Road, north east of the then Ship Inn in Foxhole, and south of Lamb's Row comprised twelve "hovels", all taken down in 1938 (WGAS D/D WCR 72).

  • There is a fair amount in Stephen Hughes's "Copperopolis", (Royal Commission on the Ancient & Historical Monuments of Wales, 2000) - see pages 166, 190, 203 and the index entries on page 347. Freeman's Row consisted of ten houses, 21 feet by 15 feet 5 inches, built between 1813 and 1826, and further terraces were erected into the late 19th Century. In 1847 houses were let for two shillings a week. In 1851 the little cottages held, on average, families of five.