Introduction & Chapels


Introduction & Chapels


I lived in this district of Swansea for twenty-six years, from a nipper to the time my girl friend became my wife.  Lying west of the town (Swansea was not a city until 1969) it was an area of terraced streets, practically all with back lanes, very convenient, and there were shops of every description, which I will talk about later on.  Swansea beach, Brynmill Arch and the bottom of Brynmill Lane could all be reached in ten minutes, walking distance from any part of the area, but on our bikes I’m sure we did it in half the time.  There were two parks - Brynmill and Singleton, both with an entrance opposite Langland Terrace.  Walking into the town centre was easy, flat all the way and would take about twenty minutes.  If you didn’t like walking, take a bus, there were plenty. No. 74 circular to town and back to Sketty, No.76 Brynmill to Port Tennant and No.82 Brynmill to Bonymaen.  There were time tables but the buses didn’t follow them!!!  All these buses were double deckers with entrance at the rear, useful for jumping on and off when you shouldn’t have - we all did it, this was dangerous when the bus was moving but we were young and foolish.

We were all blessed for religion in our area. There was  St. Gabriel’s Church in Bryn Road and quite a number of my friends attended the services, also St. Augustine’s, which was much smaller on the corner of Oakwood Road and Park Place.  Father Norman was the Priest, well loved and well known.  There were also three chapels- Pantygwydyr, which I attended, was in Ernald Place. Mr. Flowers was the minister, and on Sunday 3rd September 1939 I was in Sunday school when war was declared, one of my claims to fame. Another chapel was on the corner of Rhyddings Park Road and Rhyddings Terrace and one other at the end of St. Albans Road on the corner of Brynmill Avenue.    


Glanbrydan Avenue in 2017,

with the tower of Pantygwydr in the distance


Argyle and Rhyddings Park Chapel in 2020









                                Pantygwydr in 2008