An End of an Era


To my family,

I write this story of the Swansea I knew as a child and a young man for several reasons. With the onset of middle age, so comes nostalgia, yearning for a bygone era. There is also presented the challenge of attempting to record a town and its inhabitants, not in the normal history text book manner, but as pulsating with people from all walks of life, in their varying degrees of moods, a place that has gone for ever.

But, above all, I wish this digest to be something that my children and grandchildren will regard as being a link with their heritage, past reminders of their ancestors and in the process, discovering a little more of the background of previous generations.

There is, of course, much that remains unsaid. Hopefully what follows will enable you to understand why Swansea and its many changing faces, holds such a big place in my affection.

Haydn Griffiths
March 1982

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