At one stage I had considered staying in the Army and had been recommended by Colonel Wyldbore-Smith for a War Office selection board. However, having received my exam results with three of my five papers passed and having a young son and wife to support, I felt that civilian life would be preferable. I intended to resume my studies and to take up a job as Inspector of Weights and Measures. On discharge from the Army, I took up employment at Newport, Monmouthshire, for an annual salary of £309 and passed the remaining exams in 1947.

Returning to civilian lifestyle was quite strange but I was fortunate with the support from my family and was well received in the department as my Chief Officer had been a serving officer in the First World War. Unfortunately, having passed my final examinations, I discovered that there was no vacancy for a qualified man in the County Borough of Newport. However, I was fortunate to find employment in Essex and was stationed at Colchester. My pay increased to £450 and I now had my first married home where my daughter Angela was born in 1949. In 1952, I moved to Wales, taking up a post in Swansea paying £525 annually and where, in 1955, my youngest child, Andrew, was born.

My career in Local Government progressed well and I ended up in 1974 in West Glamorgan as Chief Consumer Protection Officer. I was rewarded for my service to Local Government by being awarded an MBE in 1984.

Throughout this period, I have retained individual contact with some of my former Army colleagues and their wives. I am still in contact with one or two, though our numbers are decreasing with the years.




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