Dr Natasha de Vere Biography

Dr Natasha de Vere

Originally from Watford.

Ist degree from Oxford University

MSc in Plant Taxonomy - Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh.

PGCE - Exeter University. Taught at secondary schools in Devon

Worked for 6 years as Conservation Officer for the Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust in Devon, during which time she also studied for her PhD in Plant Conservation Genetics.

Joined the NBGW in 2007 as Head of Science. The focus of her work is the conservation of plant biodiversity in Wales, and she leads the team which has succeeded in barcoding the DNA of every flowering plant in Wales – making Wales unique in this achievement. This has led to a number of related projects – in Wales and internationally – including important studies of the nutrition and health of bees and other pollinators.

In 2012 Natasha was  also appointed Senior Lecturer in the Institute of Biological Environmental and Rural Sciences at Aberystwyth University, where she lectures and supervises a number of post-graduate students.

Natasha is also passionate about promoting a wider understanding of science among the general public, using a variety of media including interpreting science through visual arts. In this she works with a number of local artists, including Andrea Liggins and Sarah Tombs.