'Votes for Women' author


A little more on “Votes for Women (and the Suffragettes!)”

We are delighted that Dr. Richard Wood is able to give one of the History Day talks.

Television's endless repeating of the dramatic clashes of the Suffragettes and the police does much to support the theory that these women, if not totally responsible for the gaining of the vote, did at least contribute a very positive role in the struggle for ‘Votes for Women’. This talk challenges this theory in examining the fight through the centuries of so many brave women to gain the vote despite facing a violently opposed society. It is argued that the Suffragettes militant actions had a negative effect on this fight for the vote.

Ritchie spent over 40 years working abroad including long spells as a Mechanical Engineer in Tin Mining in Malaysia, Gold and Coal Mining in South Africa and Lecturing at a College in Libya. On retirement, Ritchie decided to devote himself to the academic study of the First World War. He obtained a History Honours Degree at the Open University, a Masters Degree in First World War Studies at Birmingham University and after completing his PhD at Swansea University he was awarded his Doctorate in September 2012 at the age of 74 years. His thesis was entitled ‘The South Wales Miners in the Great War’.

He has recently had a Book published entitled ‘Miners at War’ telling their story. He is currently researching for a second book entitled ‘Military Engineering in Gallipoli 1915.