Explanation of meeting resolutions


An explanation relating to the reason for the changes to the constitution and conversion to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation


The present constitution is based on the Memorandum and Articles of Association drawn up when the RISW was founded in 1835 and responsible for running and maintaining Swansea Museum. This is no longer the case as Swansea Council in the 1990’s, saved the museum from closing, by taking full responsibility for the staffing, maintenance and running of the museum.

The RISW has continued to organise lectures and other events in the spirit of its Founding Fathers as well as Friends to the Museum

 The RISW Council recommends that there is no advantage in remaining both a Company and a Charity and would be better served by converting to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation which would cover both being a Company and a Charity reporting only to the Charity Commission and not to Company House as well as the Charity Commission.

The RISW Council has taken this opportunity to revise the Constitution, based on the Charity Commission Model Constitution, which will be in keeping with its present and future responsibilities and objectives.

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