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Some Excellent Eastside Photos

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Tom Fox who now lives in Birchgrove lived his early years on the Eastside. He was born in St. Leger Crescent, then lived in Jersey Terrace, and moved to Port Tennant Road when he was 15. Between 1952 and 1967 he took a series of photographs; most of them are exactly dated. A few are of the south-eastern part of the town of Swansea, but most are of Danygraig, Port Tennant, and St. Thomas. In taking these he must have been aware that he was recording change.

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At about this time, the growth of motor transport led to road developments which changed the face of  communities – Dyfatty, Fforestfach and Cwmbwrla are other places which were transformed as new roads were built. These photographs show the big alterations caused by the construction of the Fabian Way dual carriageway, which linked with Quay Parade across the river to the west. Some of the railway structures which had dominated the area also disappeared at the same time.

It was, though, only a phase in the development of the area. Coal hoists still lined the Prince of Wales Dock where today you will find the modern buildings we have christened SA1. Eastward towards Port Tennant and Crymlyn Tom captures the Carbon Black factory, Tir John Power Station and the Aluminium Wire and Cable Company, where he worked for a spell, all then still active. Contemporaries would have laughed at the idea of a vast university campus just eastward of this area.

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We are very grateful to Tom (TF) for allowing us to put his pictures on the website and for answering questions about them in some detail. We also thank Mike Lewis (ML) whose memories of Danygraig were published in Swansea History Journal / Minerva 22 (2014/15) for adding some information.  

However the captions were then written by someone whose knowledge of the area and its history is very limited. If you spot mistakes, or are able to add anything, we would be grateful if you could contact Gerald Gabb.


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