Volume 12



William Mansel Dillwyn Llewelyn

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Bessie Dillwyn & the Cambrian Pottery by Kathy Talbot

Zinc- the Alchemist's Dream by Peter Hutchison

George Edward Pearce-Serocold (1828-1912) by R.J.Hart

Swansea's First Charter [c.1180) by Colin James

'Stable Door' Teapot – an unrecorded Swansea print by Helen Hallesy

Teresa Eden Richardson

Jessie Donaldson (1799-1889) Swansea Abolitionist by Jen Wilson

'None Other At All Like Him', a Tribute to William Mansel Dillwyn Llewelyn, 1838-1866 by Kevin L.Davies

The Log of Jack Crockett, 1886 to 1887

Guest & Dewsberry, a Contribution to the History of Llanelly Pottery by Brian Bridge

Captain Thomas Davies, J.P. (1825-1905) by Ivor Thomas Rees


ISBN 0969-3246