Volume 9


Dwarf Arctotis by Sydenham Edwards

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The Richardsons 'Pretio Prudentia Praetat' by R.J.Hart

Two paintings on display in Swansea Museum (portaits of Lady Anna Powell & Pascoe Grenfell)

Swansea's Picture Gallery 1843 to 1844 by Michael Gibbs

Swansea, or Lower Meadow Island by D.Islwyn Davies

The Life & Work of Sydenham Edwards F.L.S., Welshman, Botanical & Animal Draughtsman, 1768-1819 by Kevin L.Davies

So What's in a Name ? A look at a few of the Place-names of Gower by D.Gerald O.James

William Logan [geologist] and the Welsh Connection by Dorothy M.Bayliffe

Mumbles Marble – an update by Ronald L.Austin & Albert Murray


ISBN 0969-3246