Volume 28


The new Swansea History Journal/ Minerva, 2020/21




Volume 28 bakers 1922.jpg


Volume 28 bakers market.jpg


 A Swansea plate from the Vernon Arms in Caer Street

Swansea’s Water Supply

Lewis Roteley, Royal Marine at Trafalgar

Swansea Grammar School 1936-40

William Boatright 1879-1963

Our Daily Bread, a Mount Pleasant bakery

Swansea Swimming Baths in the thirties

Volume 28 baths.jpg


William Turpin shipowner

Dr. William Price & the Egypt Centre

Hendrefoilan House & Lewis Llewelyn Dillwyn

The Old Road to OystermouthVolume 28 man.jpg

Swansea in 1902

A family through time

The Island between the North Dock and the river

Benjamin French, Cadoxton & the Mumbles Railway

   and shorter pieces (Gemau Byrrach) on, for examole, Neath Road School (Morriston), Robert Morris (1743-1793) and Richard Phelps Gough, mariner & sea pilot