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 The City and County of Swansea has decided to remove half of the budget of Swansea Museum over the next three years.

We know that the government has imposed heavy budget cuts on the Council, causing serious reductions to the budgets of all the Council’s departments. But the consequences of the Council’s disproportionate 50% cut to the Museum will be disastrous, for the Museum and for Swansea.

The RISW, as the Friends of Swansea Museum, asks the Council to reconsider its decision.

A 50% cut will destroy or severely damage the collections and their conservation, education, exhibition and outreach services, and the expertise of professional staff. Swansea Museum would be reduced to a static display, with limited access and passive or non-existent services. This would damage local education, social cohesion and tourism.

The long term consequences would be disastrous for Swansea and certainly destroy any chances of achieving the Council’s current ambitions for the regeneration of the city.

The Council is considering transferring the Museum Service to an independent organisation, possibly a charitable trust. Even if this is a good idea, it can succeed only if there is a satisfactory financial agreement and sufficient money set aside for setting up and maintaining the Trust. 




  • Sign the RISW’s online petition to stop the cuts
  • Write to your local Councillor (or go to their surgery) and to your local AM
  • Write a letter to the press (more info on RISW website)
  • Ask your friends to support the campaign
  • Keep in touch with the RISW’s campaign through Twitter @riswswansea


The City and County of Swansea has issued a public invitation for bodies interested in becoming 'partners' with the Council in running its cultural and sports facilities to declare their interest. A 'Memorandum of Invitation' can be requested by email. The closing date is 24 March 2016.


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